Harga Tiket Murah Diatur Pemerintah

Harga Tiket Murah Diatur Pemerintah - The application rate lower limit by the government, making cheap airfares and airlines that provide full service or full service, do not differ much. Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Flight Ticket Sales Indonesia (Astindo), Pauline Suharno say this policy is likely to make a difference in Harga Tiket Murah of Rp 50 thousand - 100 thousand.

Although the price difference is not too far away, said Pauline, this policy is considered not to affect the aviation industry. Business tickets are also believed to be not shaken. "Each of these customers already have a preference," Pauline said when contacted by Tempo, Wednesday, September 24 2014 (Read: Increase Rate Limit Up, It says Garuda)

"Travel agents prefer to sell airline tickets that include Bank Settlement Plan (BSP)," he said. In Indonesia, the airlines are already implementing a system that is Garuda Indonesia and Indonesia AirAsia, for domestic routes.

Ministry of Transportation to immediately implement the provisions of the upper limit of airline fares. PT Indonesia AirAsia objected to that policy. "We will review the domestic Indonesia AirAsia," said President Director of Indonesia AirAsia Sunu Widyatmoko Tempo, Monday, September 22, 2014.

He explained that, although had objected, AirAsia will continue to anticipate. In conducting a review of domestic routes, the airline will avoid these routes are also served by full-service airlines.

"This is not an easy matter, because of the limited availability of slots as well, especially from Soekarno-Hatta," he said. Sunu explains, the lower limit of this provision actually nourish the airline aims to prevent another slam prices, taking into account the level of occupancy or load factor.

AirAsia should assess the lower limit of low-cost airlines or low cost carriers (LCCs) and full-service airlines applied proportionately. Sunu reveals, the lower limit should be lower LCC, so it can still do the promotion for a certain period of time.

"For example, passengers who bought tickets two to three weeks before the date of flight, can obtain promo price," he said. Sunu mentions no other country that implements such tariff lines in Indonesia. In fact, he continued, this time Indonesia was not applying the lower limit fares.

The government immediately implement the provisions stated lower limit of airline fares. "If the airline sells tickets under 50 percent of the upper limit, must apply for permission in writing to the Director General of Civil Aviation," said Director of Air Transport Ministry of Transportation Djoko Murjatmodjo.

Implementation of this policy is done in conjunction with the provisions regarding the upper limit of plane fare. According to Djoko, the lower limit of the provisions will not be detrimental to the LCC.

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